NAMO' Interkulturelle Projekte GmbH

Are you maintaining intercultural relations with India or the Tibetan community in India ...

as a company or organisation?
as a volunteer?
as an educational institution?
Are you planning to develop, implement or evaluate your business or developmental project in India?  Do you need to prepare members of your staff for their assignment in India, either by individual counselling or methods of adult education? Are you preparing for a voluntary assignment or would you like to enter one? Are you planning to do field research in India or a tibetan settlement or do you want to travel to Inda away from the tourist trails to meet locals and learn about their everyday life situation.
Are you thinking about exposing your students to an environment where they can get first-hand experience and train their intercultural competencies? Are you planning an educational project in Switzerland about any topic concerning intercultural exchange, India or Tibet?

Then you will most likely deal with great cultural diversity and communicate with persons of a cultural background that is completely different from your own. How well are you prepared for this exciting adventure?

NAMO' Projekte provides you, your staff members or students with the adequate preparation and orientation before and coaching during the stay with the goal of enhancing mutual appreciation and intercultural competencies.
We can be a think tank during the phase of project development, a counsellor during implementation and an evaluator of either your entire project or part of it. We can plan and organize voluntary service assignments for graduates or experienced professionals with our Indian partners, matching the needs and preferences of customers and local partners alike. Coaching during the stay can be provided. We develop concepts for study trips with high educational value for groups and individuals in areas of great cultural diversity.